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Half Price IVF Treatment

By Francis Polansky, M.D.

The cost of advanced reproductive treatments can be staggering.

In California, the approximate cost of an IVF cycle is $15,000. Nationwide, the probability of IVF resulting in a singleton birth ranges from 3% to 36% depending on the female partner’s age. This averages as $41,000 to $500,000 per successful outcome!

Over the years, insurance providers have gradually started to cover IVF and related treatments, but most couples needing In Vitro Fertilization to conceive still have to pay for their treatment out of their pockets.

At Bay IVF, we have always been conscientious of and troubled by the high cost of In Vitro Fertilization. Our reproductive care costs have always been very competitive, and, over the years, we have implemented several financial plans to help our patients minimize their treatment cost.

Starting this month, our regular IVF fee includes a 50% discount for the third cycle of IVF treatment. Our IVF Plus adds free embryo cryopreservation in addition to the third cycle half price.

We are excited about these new financial plans and are curious about how popular they will become. Let us know what you think about this financial assistance, and whether you have any suggestions or request for additional treatment discounts, we could offer.

Please visit Treatment Cost at Bay IVF to learn more about our treatment fees.


June 2019


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