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Prerequisites for IVF:  Why Are They Needed?

By Francis Polansky, M.D.

Once you had your initial consultation and decided to proceed with IVF treatment, your next step will be completing the treatment prerequisites. Some of the prerequisites are required by the State of California, and some are needed to make sure your IVF treatment can result in a successful outcome.

At Bay IVF, there are very few prerequisites needed before your treatment can start:

  1. Blood-borne pathogen testing required by the State of California

    You and your partner (if applicable) must be tested for Hepatitis B-Surface Antigen, Hepatitis C-Antibody, HIV I&II, HTLV I&II, and Syphilis.

    If you have had any of these tests done within the last 12 months, they do not need to be repeated. We will only need to receive copies of the test results.

  2. Ovarian Reserve Assay

    Ovarian Reserve Assay assesses the likelihood that normal quality eggs can be produced. This test involves a single blood draw and consists of the measurement of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), estradiol (estrogen, E2), and Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) blood levels.

  3. Uterine measurement and saline ultrasound

    It is important to place embryo(s) just below the top of the endometrial cavity. The length of the uterus is measured by passing an embryo transfer catheter to the top of the endometrial cavity.

    Saline ultrasound checks for the presence of polyps, fibroids, or scarring inside the uterus which can significantly reduce the probability of implantation.

    The ultrasound image above shows a normal endometrial cavity. Polyps and fibroids (myomas) would show as lighter shade "filling defects" within the dark saline-filled endometrial cavity.

  4. Semen assessment test

    The male partner will have a semen evaluation at Bay IVF to determine the best laboratory method for preparing semen for the IVF treatment. The specimen can be collected at Bay IVF or at home provided it is delivered to Bay IVF Laboratory within one hour of collection.

All prerequisites can be completed within a very short period of time. It is our goal to help you achieve your pregnancy as soon as possible.


December 2017


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