Nuts and Sperm
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Nuts for Healthy Sperm

Adapted from “Effect of nut consumption on semen quality and functionality in healthy men consuming a Western-style diet: a randomized controlled trial”, published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

It is estimated that 1 in 7 couples worldwide have problems conceiving, and semen quality factors are responsible for 40–50% of these cases. Human semen quality has declined worldwide. Pollution, stress, smoking, pesticides in food, and trends towards a Western-style diet are considered the leading potential causes.

It is hypothesized that tree nut consumption added to a Western-style diet (high in saturated fats, red and processed meat, butter, high-fat dairy products, refined grains, white potatoes, refried beans, and rich in sugar drinks and fried foods) would beneficially affect semen quality and functionality.

The current study evaluated the effect of consumption of nuts on changes in semen parameters over a fourteen-week period. A total of 119 healthy men, aged 18–35 years, were allocated to two groups: one group was fed the usual Western-style diet enriched with 60 grams (a little over two ounces) of a mixture of nuts daily (nut group), and the other was fed the usual Western-style diet avoiding nuts (control group).

Improvements in total sperm count, total motility, progressive motility, and normal morphology (shape of sperm) were observed in the nut group by the completion of the fourteen-week study.

In conclusion, the supplementation of a Western-style diet with walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds improves sperm quality among healthy reproductive-aged men.

December 2020


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