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How to Prepare for IVF

To optimize the probability of your IVF successful outcome, you should start preparing for your IVF treatment with as much advance as possible. How to prepare for your IVF treatment will be somewhat different from one person to another but will generally fall into two groups: physical/medical preparation and mental preparation.

It is a common misconception that the reproductive physician's expertise and the IVF laboratory's performance determine the IVF outcome.

Neither the fertility specialist nor the expertise of the IVF laboratory can improve the quality of eggs or sperm.

Fortunately, since one's health and fitness relate to the quality of eggs and sperm, by improving your health, you may be able to attain higher-quality eggs and sperm.

To improve your probability of success, consider the following recommendations:

  1. Optimize your health and your fertility potential.
    1. Eliminate all grain-based foods from your diet. The most damaging to our health is the consumption of wheat and corn, followed by rye, oats, and rice.
    2. Eliminate all forms of sugar from your diet. Pay attention to the ingredients labels in a grocery store. You do not have to worry about sweet fruits; their consumption is OK. This is not meant to be a Keto diet.
    3. Exercise a minimum of three times a week. You should "break a sweat" for the exercise to be beneficial.
  2. Optimize your weight.

    Studies have shown that with each uptick in a woman’s BMI, there is a lowering in the probability of pregnancy.

    Overweight men produce increased levels of female hormones, sometimes dramatically decreasing their sperm quality.

  3. Optimize your mental wellbeing

    One's stress level can significantly affect the fertility treatment outcome. For example, hostile mood, depression, and higher anxiety have all been correlated with treatment failure.

    There are many stress-reducing techniques. Some of the more popular methods that could increase your probability of success are:

    • Psychotherapy
    • Support groups
    • Meditation
    • Massage therapy
    • Taking time off from work


In conclusion:
Both partners (if applicable) should be actively preparing for their IVF treatment. You are the ones who will most significantly influence whether or not your In Vitro Fertilization will be successful.

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