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The Fertility Book: Find the Cause and Treatment for Your Infertility

During the course of his thirty-plus-year professional career (co-founder with Dr. Emmett Lamb of Stanford University’s IVF Clinic, medical director of Nova IVF, and medical director of Bay IVF in Palo Alto, CA), Dr. Polansky developed a unique step-by-step fertility assessment formula. This formula is used daily to help diagnose patients and determine their most effective treatment options. This same Fertility Assessment Algorithm™ is now available in a simple guidebook.

This easy-to-follow guide assumes that you have no knowledge of reproductive medicine. By answering several pivotal questions and using the results of five simple, commonly performed fertility tests, you will be guided step-by-step to the most likely cause(s) of your infertility and your treatment options.

This book was written for you if you are hoping to have a baby and need an answer to any of the following questions:


  • How long should I just "relax" and try to conceive on my own?
  • How can I find out quickly and economically why I am having trouble becoming pregnant?
  • How do I increase my probability of achieving pregnancy?
  • Which infertility treatment should I consider?
  • Am I too old to conceive?
  • Do we have male infertility?
  • What options are there after a vasectomy?
  • Am I getting the right tests and treatment?
  • Do I need In Vitro Fertilization to become pregnant?
  • I do not have regular monthly menstrual periods. Can I conceive?
  • I have PCO. Do I need medical treatment to become pregnant?
  • I have endometriosis. What should I do to conceive?
  • I have had repeated miscarriages. What should I do to have a baby?
  • I have had a tubal ligation. How can I conceive again?
  • Both my ovaries have been removed. What can I do to become pregnant?
  • My uterus has been removed. How can I have a baby?


A printed copy of this manual is available on Amazon.com: Find the Cause and Treatment for Your Infertility.

You can also download this manuscript for free (pdf).


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