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A Letter to My Future Patients

Dear Prospective Patient,

Accepting that you might be infertile can be a shocking realization. Most of us grow up unaware that we may face a one in seven probability of infertility.

The psychological impact of not being able to conceive can be profound. It is not uncommon to experience all the stages of loss: refusal to believe, anger, bargaining, despair, and acceptance. This feeling of loss seems the same whether you are trying to conceive for the first time or you already have a child.

The inability to conceive can also put tremendous stress on a couple’s intimate relationship. For many partners, experiencing long-term infertility can be a real test for the resilience of their partnership.

And yet, there can be a "silver lining" in all this anguish: the greater the depth of despair, the higher the elation when you succeed and finally hold your little miracle in your arms.

The complexity of infertility diagnosis is often daunting, and the cost of treatment can be staggering. It does not have to be that way.

Although I cannot guarantee that you will become pregnant, I will do my very best to maximize your probability of success and minimize the expense and time it may take to conceive.

I feel privileged to be able to help you have a child. I cannot think of another line of work more fulfilling. You will find me devoted to you and your treatment. My team and I will spare no effort to make your treatment a success.

And once your baby is born, my mission has truly been achieved.

With warmest wishes of success,

Frank Polansky, M.D.


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