Assisted Hatching
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Assisted Hatching of Embryos

Before an embryo can implant in the uterus, it must successfully hatch out of its egg shell. Some couples do not conceive in spite of being able to create genetically and biologically "perfect" embryos because their embryos are unable to hatch out.

Assisted embryo hatching is a laboratory procedure that creates a "weak spot" in the egg shell of an embryo. For selected embryos, this increases the likelihood of the embryo being able to hatch out, implant, and result in a baby.

Assisted Hatching is a microsurgical procedure: using a specially designed laser, a tiny hole is created in the egg shell. This procedure does not harm the embryo.

The picture shows an embryo after Assisted Hatching with an opening breaching the egg shell at 12 o’clock position.


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