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Endometriosis Treatment at Bay IVF

Endometriosis is a condition in which endometrial cells of the inner uterine lining can be found outside the uterus.

When there is a history of infertility, the female partner may have a laparoscopy. One-third of the time, endometriosis is found. The same incidence has been found in women undergoing laparoscopy for non-infertility reasons.

This finding, together with the lack of consistent scientific evidence that surgical or medical removal of endometriosis increases the probability of pregnancy, has led some clinicians to believe that endometriosis is merely a sign of another underlining cause of infertility.

A severe degree of endometriosis causes scarring around the Fallopian tubes and ovaries and can be an infertility factor.

When we examine and treat patients with the sole diagnosis of endometriosis, we commonly find an undiagnosed egg, sperm, or tubal factors.

The most appropriate treatment for endometriosis depends on the underlining cause and the length of infertility. If you are 39 or younger (female partner) and have been sexually active without contraception for 18 months or more, you may need In Vitro Fertilization to conceive. Women 39 years and older should consider this treatment after only three months of no contraception.


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