Low Responders
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Low Responders

During ovarian stimulation for In Vitro Fertilization, eight to fifteen eggs should develop with correspondingly normal blood levels of estrogen (produced by the ovaries). Some women’s ovaries do not adequately respond to ovarian stimulation.

If only a few eggs develop or the estrogen level is too low, the likelihood of a successful pregnancy may be significantly reduced. Donor Egg IVF is often recommended as the most effective treatment under these circumstances. A "low responder" can be a woman of any age, but it is more commonly found after the age of 35.

At Bay IVF, we treat In Vitro Fertilization "low responders" by altering the type and doses of the stimulatory medications. Paradoxically, some "low responders" will have a better chance of a successful outcome when their ovaries are not aggressively stimulated. This approach may result in a lower number of eggs retrieved but a higher egg quality.

A review of your medical records, the result of your ovarian ultrasound, and the Ovarian Reserve Assay at Bay IVF will help determine whether you are a candidate for the "low responder" treatment or whether you should consider the Donor Egg IVF or Frozen Donor Egg IVF treatment as your best option.

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