Unexplained Infertility
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Unexplained Infertility

Up to 25% of all infertile patients will have a diagnosis of unexplained (idiopathic) infertility. This diagnosis means that, in spite of exhaustive fertility evaluation, there is no apparent cause of infertility.

The majority of these patients do have infertility factor(s) involving the eggs, sperm, and the Fallopian tubes, but their testing has not yet uncovered this information. Infertility related to the egg quality factor represents most of the "unexplained" infertility since it is the most difficult one to diagnose.

In Vitro Fertilization is the most common treatment for patients with unexplained infertility. IVF can be used as an excellent diagnostic tool that will almost always establish the cause of one’s infertility and, at the same time, can often correct or bypass the problem and result in pregnancy.

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