Embryo Banking
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Embryo Banking Fee

The cost of Embryo Banking treatment at Bay IVF is $11,720.

Services covered in Embryo Banking fee

  • All in-cycle office visits, physician ultrasound examinations, and clinical monitoring required for IVF ovarian stimulation
  • Estrogen and progesterone determinations
  • Preparation of semen sample(s)
  • Egg retrieval procedure
  • Oocyte identification and embryo culture including extended culture to blastocyst
  • Embryo cryopreservation (vitrification)


There are no additional fees for egg retrieval analgesia and the use of the procedure room. We also do not bill for extended embryo culture to the blastocyst stage.

Please note that the Embryo Banking fee does not cover treatment medications (charged by a pharmacy), pre-treatment screening evaluation, laboratory testing required by the State of California, cryopreserved embryo storage fees, and the Frozen Embryo Transfer fee.

Most patients can increase their pregnancy probability by having more than one cycle of Embryo Banking to maximize the number of cryopreserved embryos. The majority of human embryos do not have the potential of resulting in a successful pregnancy, whether "fresh" or frozen-thawed. The more embryos you store, the higher the likelihood that at least some will be "biologically perfect."

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