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Cost of Minimal IVF

It is our goal to minimize the financial impact of your Mini-IVF treatment.

The cost of Minimal Stimulation IVF at Bay IVF is $6,920.

Services covered in the Mini-IVF fee

  • All in-cycle office visits, physician ultrasound examinations, hormonal assays, and physician clinical monitoring required for Mini-IVF ovarian stimulation.
  • Preparation of semen sample(s)
  • Egg retrieval procedure, analgesia, use of procedure room
  • Oocyte identification from follicular fluid
  • Embryo coculture with granulosa cells, including an extended culture of embryos.
  • "Fresh" (unfrozen) embryo transfer, provided embryos are available for transfer.
  • Embryo cryopreservation of all normally developing embryos and one cycle of cryopreserved embryo transfer if there are no available embryos for "fresh" embryo transfer.
  • Serum pregnancy test


Please note that the Mini-IVF fee does not cover treatment medications (charged by a pharmacy), pre-treatment screening evaluation, and laboratory testing required by the State of California.

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