when to stop progesterone after ivf
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When to Stop Progesterone After IVF

The question of when to stop progesterone after IVF treatment also relates to the frozen embryo transfer treatment. In both, pregnancies need to be supplemented with progesterone for a period of several weeks.

There are several different forms of progesterone administration. The most commonly used route is vaginal.

Supplementation with progesterone continues until the placenta produces enough progesterone to sustain the pregnancy. You will be closely monitored for 6 to 8 weeks as this transition takes place. Once progesterone and other supportive medications are discontinued, you will be referred to your OB doctor for the remainder of your obstetrical care.

The answer to the question of when to stop progesterone after IVF treatment depends on the stage of pregnancy development. Usually, progesterone supplementation can be stopped approximately eight weeks into the pregnancy.


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